For the Community, by the Community!

Our Mission:

To create and maintain impactful programs in order to enrich the community and local parks. Our goal to work collectively with the community to develop events while beautifying neighborhoods through community services and art. Friends of Mariners Harbor is a division of Harbor Dreams, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Vision Statement:

To create an inclusive North Shore community, eliminating marginalization and increasing participation. Through diverse opportunities, we intend to bring equity by connecting the community with resources that aren’t readily accessible or affordable.

Our Story:

In January of 2018, a group of lifelong friends from the North Shore of Staten Island came together to empower their community and fill a necessary void. Each pursuing different career paths in their professional lives and bringing different experiences from their personal lives, they established a shared vision. Hilda Adeniji, Emanuel Bloomfield-Jones, Ibrahim Fall, Dahiem Harris, Gerald Spiller, and Kendall Spiller agreed to dedicate their free time to establish a union that would allow them to deliver improved resources and new events to their hometown. Their union morphed into a community group called, Friends of Mariners Harbor Parks, now known as Friends of Mariners Harbor. Since its inception, the group has been working to empower, beautify, and advance their community by delivering resourceful programs, events, community service, and art projects. The Friends of Mariners Harbor quickly established significant partnerships with community-based organizations, elected officials, government agencies, community advocates and many residents throughout Staten Island. Thanks to these partners, community volunteers, and sponsors, the Friends of Mariners Harbor spearheaded several successful community events and projects. In addition to their projects, the group fearlessly advocated and developed a partnership with the NYC Parks Department and NYC Partnerships for Parks to work towards the increased use of two refurbish parks, the Big Park and the Mariners Harbor Playground. For many years, Big Park has been heavily in use. It was a playground, a park, and a pool. When the wear and tear led to a refurbishment plan, the Friends of Mariners Harbor became the custodian of the Big Park and the often forgotten Mariners Harbor Playground on Harbor Rd. Through projects and by holding multiple back to school events, art and music festival, Christmas tree lightening ceremony, career expo, and several other events in or near Mariners Harbor, the Friends of Mariners Harbor have brought immediate life and great joy to the surrounding community and the entire North Shore. With their talented skills and commitment to community engagement and community improvement, these professionals have set a wonderful example of what's to come.

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